De vos (vervolg, 7)

May 6, 2013

bananen ze wegen niet veel ze eten niets ze zijn dan ook best lekker maar niet voor de lunch de vos lust ze niet bananen zijn geel en langwerpig en ze hebben een iet wat dubieuze reputaties op sommige websites tenminste daar denkt ze aan de vos maakt het allemaal niets uit als er maar kip in zit dan eet ik het op hoor je hem denken geen banaan geen spa of seven up of andere onzin kip en gemeentepils nee ook geen gemeentepils ik drink gewoon uit de sloot of uit mijn voerbak thuis daarvoor ben ik een huisvos


Wanda’s Hanna handbag

August 10, 2011

Wanda’s ‘Hanna’ is a big hobo bag, available in 2 versions: black leather and brown worn leather. Both are included in the same package.

It is my first handbag to include my new ‘AO-proof’ pose system, which deals with the problems that an animation overrider can normally create in overriding handbag poses, regardless of how animation priorities are set.

The bag has an auto-updater built-in, to make future updates simple: just wear it and you’ll get a new one, once it is available.

Main store:



As a special release in my collection, this bag will be available at 55L only tomorrow between 9AM and 9PM at my mainstore as part of the 55L Thursdays series..  After this the normal price will apply again.

An AO-proof handbag animation

June 25, 2011

I finally got the thing that no serious handbag maker in SL has yet. I tried a nunch of bags for it, but even the bags that are advertised with ‘persistant’ animations don’t manage to actually persist their poses against an AO.

Thanks to my regular scripter this issue is solved now. The solution is in use now in my new ‘Hanna’ bag, which is available as a hunt gift for the ‘Treasures of the Ocean’ hunt, by Nature’s hunts. You can find this bag in my shop by following the stars on the floor from the TP point.

Go here and collect it. The auto-updater in the bag will give you the current version:

Japan earthquake donation event

March 19, 2011

At 12PM today (saturday March 19th) I am participating in an auction benefitting the Red Cross, to collect money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

I will bring in a bag, the beta to my new model ‘Natasha’, which is not out yet, but features an updater, so it’s owner will receive the final version automatically when it is out. And also I will bring in a 1000L gift card to Wanda’s to bid on.

My items will probably be in the first part of the auction, which is from 12 until 2PM. You can also go to the site of the auction and prebid on items you like.

The general idea is that you can pay the items by using the donation bears that Linden Labs has created. This way it can be verified that you donated and you can verify that the auctioneers are actually working for the cause. 😉

Have a look at the auction site.. And even if you do not feel like an auction, maybe you will like live music and the company of others at this event, that lasts over 10 hours altogether. You can find the info you need on it here:

And this is where it will all happen: Tradewinds Yacht Club in the Dex sim:

Wanda’s quilted leater clutches – 5 colours

March 12, 2011

There are 5 new colours added to the quilted leather clutch that I released last week in black. You can find any of these inworld at Wanda’s handbags and fashion accessories or at my SL Marketplace shop.


Quilted leather clutch in Aqua

Quilted leather clutch in Dark Blue

Quilted leather clutch in Maroon

Quilted leather clutch in Purple

Quilted leather clutch in Red


You can find them in the ‘New Items’  board of my shop in-world or with the other clutch bags:












Wanda’s quilted leather clutch – Black

March 9, 2011

My latest release is this classy evening bag, ideal for those special occasions. It is available in black for now, but other colours will follow soon.

You can find this new clutch bag at my mainstore:

or at SL Marketplace:

Have fun!



Wanda’s Cupid Earrings

February 14, 2011

Wanda’s has created these Cupid earrings for Valentine’s day. They come in copyable and in transferrable versions. Next to these items there is also a small gift at the store and a 50% Valentine’s sale on older Valentine items.



You can find them in my mainstore at:









Wedding dress and matching purse

January 20, 2011

Yanieck Mariani and Wanda Umarov joined forces on this project:

A beautiful wedding dress with matching purse. It can be found inworld at both YUM Fashion and at Wanda’s.





SL- Marketplace:

Wanda’s Christmas Gift

December 24, 2010
This is my Christmas Gift for you.. The earrings. Look carefully, earrings are small…!

You can get them at my shop, under the Christmas Tree:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 21, 2010

Wanda wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dress: Hibiscus Dream by Eshi Otawara
Hair: Waka & Yuki W&Y 138 by yukitan Farrjones
Boots:BAX Coen: LE.LOOK! la femme – Boots by Bax Coen
Fox: *SH* Kuda-gitsune(White)(Rez&Sit) by blackLiquid Tokyoska